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Primarily of anime figurines. Please do not steal or use any of my images without permission. Thank you!

Most of my figures have been purchased from AmiAmi. You can find all the information you need and more on anime figures at MyFigureCollection.

I am not selling/trading away any part of my collection.
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Angry Hyrulian Heroes all over my desk man

Angry Hyrulian Heroes all over my desk man

^q^ Got Komaeda not too long ago!!

I wanted to have a specif sort of background to take pictures of him with, so I took a few days to make it by hand u3u but I’m quite happy with the results! Although once again… i forgot to dust my figures off before taking pictures…

He’s quite the lovely figure uwu My only complaint is that his right arm is difficult to change, but otherwise I’m super happy! _(:’3

Uh… hashtag SDR2 spoiler sorta?? <:3c

Dwell’s Mitsuru figure is pretty awesome ^q^

There were concerns about her hair but I think it turned out fairly well, considering they’re a somewhat new company.

The biggest negative thing was the paint in between the fingers and while some people complained about paint smudges, I haven’t found a single one on mine.

The sculpt is simply marvelous *A* they include little support rods for her coat in case you’re worried about her wilting under the weight of it.

Actually the thing that disappointed me the most was her packaging. She was so wrapped up in protective plastic that you couldn’t make out the details, let alone see her face! While this is not necessarily a bad thing… for people wishing to display her in her box, it would make her quite difficult to admire.

(;;;;゜Д゜) I swear this is the last Miku figure I&#8217;ll ever get!! I say that every time though&#8230;.

(;;;;゜Д゜) I swear this is the last Miku figure I’ll ever get!! I say that every time though….

Wonfest 13s complete list!


Check out this AWESOME wonfest 13 summer list by the amazing DEVIL-TOKIYAKI

He put together a list of ALL of the known figures that have been shown off this year, and this by far is the most complete all in one list I have seen for this summer wonfest!



^q^ Can’t wait for the next two UtaPuri figures… specifically Masato… B)

My desk is dusty… T_T

Elin Mystic from Tera Online!

She’s a real cutie uwu… the sculpt and paint job is wonderful, not to mention the scale!! *u* Ahhh….

_(:3」∠)_ Impulse buy. No regrets.
I told myself I wouldn&#8217;t buy another Asuka figure but oh well&#8230;.

_(:3」∠)_ Impulse buy. No regrets.

I told myself I wouldn’t buy another Asuka figure but oh well….

What kinds of paints did you use to paint the EVA model kits?

Just plain craft acrylic paint!

I used a clear varnish as a base coat and then painted over it with the colour and then sealed it again with the varnish.

I admit it’s not… the best paint for the job… since you can see the brush streaks in the coating and you can scratch it off pretty easily, but I was too impatient wait for a airbrush kit and a lot of model paints can be fairly toxic with their fumes… and I don’t have any place where I could paint with proper ventilation… so acrylic was the next best alternative uwu

Been building some Evangelion model kits ( ゚▽゚)/

The first one there is the EVA-01 Perfect Grade Evangelion.

IT WAS REALLY HARD TO PUT TOGETHER… whoever designed it must’ve hated people as much as Anno hates Otaku… because PAIN.

I gave up trying to make it looks good like a quarter way through… and the water decals decided they didn’t want to work so it’s missing more than half of them |D I haven’t even finished painting the power box thing because I got too tired. But it’s pretty funky cause the shoulders light up o^o

Second is EVA-02 Rebuild 2.0 version. I went a little crazy and tried to paint/weather the gun |Dc

Third is the Mass Production Evangelion. _(:’3 I had to hand paint all the black parts on the wings and body because I don’t have an airbrush kit.

Fourth is EVA-00… it looks to be the movie Rebuild movie version with Spear of Longinus.

Last picture is a high comparison + old EVA-01 Extra Finish version which was actually the first model kit I ever built.

\o/ I think I’ve filled my model kit quota for at least a few years haha….